Welcome to Humans for Digital Health

If you’re a doctor, a healthcare professional, part of an organization investing time and money into digital health or an empowered patient you’ve come to the right place.

These are exciting times for digital health. Constant innovation in pervasive healthcare is offering huge opportunities for both the big players in healthcare and authorities all over the world when it comes to patient care and rewards. As people become more empowered, the relationship between patient and doctor is changing radically.


Do you feel that we’re in danger of losing sight of the human dimension to digital health? Are we being so seduced by all this wonderful technology – possibilities on a vast scale – we’re forgetting that what we’re really talking about is simply making people better? Whoever they are.

Humans for Digital Health is all about getting to the heart of digital health. So, what does that mean?

This is where you’ll find informed discussion of what digital health means for the relationship between doctor and patient. This is where you’ll both read about the technological innovation creating the brave new world of digital health and a serious consideration of the implications. Good and bad. We’re only interested in what really matters.

Topics for discussion

These are some of the topics you can expect to read about here very soon:

  1. Does understanding the prehistory of digital health show us a way forward for the future?
  2. What are the boundaries of the changing doctor patient relationship – when is it OK for a doctor to Google a patient, for instance?
  3. Are we more comfortable with apps than appointments?
  4. Does a patient-centered approach really make every patient equal – what part do cultural, social and economic factors play?
  5. Are we likely to listen to our digital mothers – how do we make sure we don’t disregard the apps advocating what’s best for our health?
  6. Our data is being collected constantly by companies simply because they feel it’s valuable – should a precedent for health data collection be set now before it’s too late?
  7. Should companies take the Hippocratic Oath – why should we trust them with our private information more than doctors?
  8. Companies are fighting to make their healthcare technology sexy to us – how do we make the best care the most appealing?
  9. How do we learn from the countries, authorities and organizations modeling the future of digital health – is Sweden leading the way?
  10. What current limits on healthcare is digital health in a position to overcome?

We’ll be blogging regularly but we’ll also be posting in-depth articles written by experts on the digital health topics of tomorrow. We’ll be interviewing the people pushing the boundaries as well as those who believe we need to put on the brakes a little.

Our aim is to stimulate, surprise and inspire you. Whether you’re a doctor, a healthcare professional, part of an organization investing time and money into digital health or an empowered patient.

And, of course, we expect you to use your voice to help us frame the debate.

If you have a comment, thought or topic, feel free to contact us. Or leave a comment below.